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LTN is Back and Better

My website kinda fell off the face of the Earth but I now have a clear idea of what I want it to be. I'm excited to be back in this space & I'm ready to create some magic! Stay a while & have a look around.

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Excellence In Fashion = Excellence In Life

You might be thinking, "how does something so seemingly trivial influence all aspects of my life?" Hear me out. How do you feel when you wear an impeccable outfit? You walk taller, you feel more confident & you feel like you can take on the entire world! I'm a firm believer that this taste for excellence bleeds into all your activities until you end up with an impeccable life that matches your closet. I'm here to share style, lifestyle & educational tips to help you master impeccable, timeless fashion.
"You were born an original. Don't die a copy."

- John Landis Mason -

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Get Relief From Social Media's Stress

Are you a business owner without the time to create content, post everyday & engage with your community on multiple social media platforms? I will help you increase your brand awareness, build an engaged community of loyal customers & rack in the sales, all using digital marketing.

These packages will save you time, give your Instagram a refined feed aesthetic that's befitting of your brand & set your brand on the right track to overcoming your social media pain points.

Let me handle your social media, while you get back to running your business.

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Monetize Your Influence

Want to master social media, grow your audience & land high-level brand sponsorships? I got you sis!

Hi ladies, I’m…

Abigail Ogun

Hi Ladies! If you're reading this, you'd like to know more about the fierce woman with a brand called "Ladies Take Notes." With a name like that who does she think she is?!

Let me tell you where my audacity comes from & how I can bring value to you.

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