Hi! I’m Abigail Ogun

Let's get a little personal shall we? I'm a content creator, a traveller & a dreamer. My addictions are statement coats, over-the-knee boots & luxury hotel hopping.
Sound like you? Keep reading to find out how my obsessions benefit you!


When I first booked my session, I was slightly nervous because I didn't know what to expect This feeling of nervousness changed less than 5 minutes into the call because Abby was professional and friendly, which made me feel more comfortable. She was also really thorough(like really thorough!!!!) and she tried to focus on all the main things I needed to know as a content creator.
I mostly enjoyed and loved how encouraging she was through out the process. As a small content creator, it's important to surround yourself with people who can believe in you even when you struggle to believe in yourself.
- Ella

Abby sought first to understand my concerns and challenges before tailoring her response to specifically address every question I asked. She laid out pin-point strategies for reaching out to specific brands and also followed up after the call to make sure I was set and equipped.
- Omono

The flow in which you presented was properly done, the details you provided in each areas we touched on was actionable and provided great value. No fluff!! value delivered with takeaways that I could implement.
- Yray