How To Shop For Clothes Online

The worst thing that can happen, on Black Friday, is the item you wanted selling out. The second worst thing that can happen is you buying your favourite items, getting them delivered, and finding out that none of them fit right!

Since Black Friday is nearing (Friday, November 27, 2020), and a majority of shoppers are planning to avoid the crowds and shop online, I thought I’d share my tips on how to shop online. I want you to have a great confidence in your purchases and have the best shopping experience from the comfort and safety of your own home.

I can count on one hand, the number of times my online purchases had to be returned so let me share 5 tips to help you shop with confidence.

Tip 1: Know Your Body Measurements

Knowledge is power and knowing your body measurements is the first step to being a pro at online shopping. The 3 measurements you need to know and always keep up to date are the following:

  1. Your bust measurements
    • Measure from nipple to nipple.
  2. Your waist measurements
    • Measure the smallest part of your waist which is about an inch from your belly button.
  3. Your hip measurements
    • Measure the widest part of your hips.
    • NOTE: if you have pronounced hip dips like me, slide the measuring tape a little lower till you get to the widest part. Nothing will be comfortable if it cannot sit comfortably on the widest part of your hips.

Knowing these 3 measurements will always help you find your correct size in any clothing item from tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and everything in between.

Tip 2: Always Look At The Size Guide

While sizes are usually standard, it is very important to always look at the size guide to see the guidelines of your chosen online store. For instance, I can range from a US size 6 to 8, and Small to Large, depending on the size guide of the store.

By knowing your correct size in any store, you’re able to determine your desired fit of clothing. For example, if a winter coat is described as “oversized” and I know my size, but don’t want the oversized fit, I can size down and be confident that the oversized coat will fit me regularly. If I see a pair of jeans and want a looser fit, I can decide to go up a size.

Tip 3: Look At The Product Description

This is a little bit of an advanced tip that helps me a lot in deciding whether or not to buy something. The product description lets me know the type of fabric being used (which lets me know whether or not the clothing item will have stretch or not). This, in turn, lets me know whether to size up, down, or keep my regular fit size.

Knowing the fabric of the clothes also tells me whether the clothes will look super cheap on me, or whether I’ll be satisfied with the quality. For example, if I see fabrics like “Rayon” or “Spandex,” I know the clothing item will be very stretchy, but that there is a chance this clothing item might look or feel cheap. That tells me to look at other factors like the product image before I make my decision.

Tip 4: Look At The Product Image(s)

Whether it’s through lighting, makeup, using models with “ideal” bodies, and even retouching, a lot of work goes into showcasing clothing in the best way possible. There are, however, a couple ways to get important information about clothes by studying the product image(s) when shopping online.

The first thing I usually do, when looking at clothes, is to take note of any sheens on clothing. Unless the fabric is sparkly, leather, satin, or vinyl, any sheen is a bit unusual and a cause for concern in my opinion.

The next thing I do is compare my body with the model. If the model is very curvy and I’m not, it’s important to note and visualize how the clothing will look on me. Such an objective outlook helps me not to get disappointed when my clothes are delivered because I had a good idea of what they would look like on my body.

The final thing I do is take note of any awkward posing or cropping of the product. Unless you’re shopping at Zara, which is known for its unusual model poses, any awkward posing or weird cropping of the clothes can be a big sign that there is something about the clothes that the store is trying to draw your attention away from.

Tip 5: Read The Reviews (if any are given)

This is a little step that makes a big difference. This tip is especially helpful when deciding what to purchase from “fast fashion” websites like Fashion Nova, one of my favourite brands. If after using steps 1-4 you are still unsure, the reviews will make your decision for you.

If I want to buy a pair of jeans from fashion nova, I browse through the reviews and look for a review from someone with the same or similar measurements to mine. Their experience informs me on things like stretch, whether I should size up or down, whether the quality is good value or not and so much more.

Reading the reviews has saved me from buying the wrong size so many times and it has also encouraged me to leave reviews of things I purchase so I can help others like me to make their decision.

Alright ladies, I’ve spilled the tea on what makes me a pro at shopping online. Using these tips will definitely help you when you’re shopping on Black Friday and any other day. I hope you have a wonderful Black Friday. Happy shopping and I will see you here next week Wednesday, same time.

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