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Perfect For Beginners

Bio optimization

Hashtag strategy

Audience engagement strategy




Everything In IG Audit +

How to find your niche/content pillars

Instagram reels education

How to convert viewers to followers




Everything In Coaching Call +

Media kit creation/audit tips

How to pitch brands

Negotiation & contract tips




Content creation tips

Who Is This For?

Do You Find...

...yourself posting day after day, without reaching your target audience?

Are You...

...tired of knowing you bring value to the table  but can't seem to present it the right way?

Do You Want... stop posting aimlessly, reach your audience & turn your platform into an income stream?

- Ella

"When I first booked my session, I was slightly nervous because I didn't know what to expect This feeling of nervousness changed less than 5 minutes into the call because Abby was professional and friendly, which made me feel more comfortable. She was also really thorough(like really thorough!!!!) and she tried to focus on all the main things I needed to know as a content creator.
I mostly enjoyed and loved how encouraging she was through out the process. As a small content creator, it's important to surround yourself with people who can believe in you even when you struggle to believe in yourself."

- Omono

"Abby sought first to understand my concerns and challenges before tailoring her response to specifically address every question I asked. She laid out pin-point strategies for reaching out to specific brands and also followed up after the call to make sure I was set and equipped."

- Yray

"The flow in which you presented was properly done, the details you provided in each areas we touched on was actionable and provided great value. No fluff!! value delivered with takeaways that I could implement."

- Sandra

"The insights, being able to finally have a clear cut path on how to be a better influencer and land brand deals. Abigail really knows this influencer coaching business.


60-Minute Session

Audit of main social media platforms

Clarification of target audience/customer

12 steps to organically boost your content’s reach




Photography & Videography

16 Instagram feed pictures

16 Instagram reel videos

31 Instagram story ideas




Who Is This For?

Do You Find...

...yourself stuck or at a loss on how to move your business' social media forward?

Are You...

...tired of taking time away from running your business in order to figure out social media?

Do You Want...

...someone skilled in social media strategy & content creation to take away all the guesswork of social media for you?

- Adedoyin

"I absolutely loved working with Abigail of the LTN Agency. The fact that I didn’t have to think about creating content for my social media platforms or even think of captions to post daily helped me focus on other important things in my business. I could sleep and not go on social media for days and know that we still had social media presence. Abi was on top of everything even down to responding to DMs on @adoniaabeauty’s behalf and if she wasn’t clear on the answers to give, she would message me. Also Abi was very professional and handled the whole project with a high sense of professionalism. I also love the ownership attitude she had towards the job. She took it as hers and completely changed the face of our social media presence and gave us a good platform and template to continue with going forward. We got more people asking for our services through instagram because of the quality of content and the intentionality behind the content that Abi was putting out. Abi understands the beauty & fashion industry and she brings her A-game to the table all the time. She understands social media metrics and has helped to really increase engagement and revenue in only 3 months. I will definitely be recommending Abi to other micro/small businesses like me."

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