How to Find The Most Flattering Style for You

Finding the perfect formula for your personal style can be daunting. Style is supposed to say who you are without you speaking so what principles are you supposed to use that are timeless and can help you to filter through any trend and see whether it’s for you?

Here’s what I found worked for me when creating my personal style formula!

TIP #1: Discover Your Body Type

While this is the most popular answer to the question of figuring out what flatters you the most, it’s a foundational principle that must be understood before you can morph it to what you like.

There are five major body types: apple, hourglass, pear, rectangle, and inverted triangle. In order to figure out which category you fall in, take notes on your shoulder to bust to waist to hip ratio. With each body type, there are suggestions that can be followed to give you a starting point.

One thing I would caution against, is strictly following these rules. See them as guidelines, not rules. This is because you may not necessarily fall into one body type, you may be a mixture of body types. You also have you leave room for creativity.

TIP #2: Dress Your Size


If your clothes are too tight and/or unintentionally too loose, it’s not attractive sis. Don’t try to squeeze into jeans that no longer fit; it’s physically unhealthy, it’s uncomfortable, and it lowers confidence. People are quick to pick up on your perceived insecurities and general lack of confidence in social situations. You did not show up for them to see you sweat doll, dress in clothing that is tailored to you and it’ll do wonders for both your confidence and how you communicate with people. Little cause, large effect.

TIP #3: Find Colours You’re Comfortable With

Pick one, or two, or five colour schemes that you like and build a wardrobe around them! However, it’s important that you give yourself allowance to change your mind and try new things. Style is what you make of fashion and a way to express yourself without speaking so allow yourself to change.

I used to love dressing in black and white, then I had a neon phase (don’t ask), then it was solely black, then it was neutrals then it was bright colours, and right now I’m in love with pastel colours. you’re not a static individual; you’re a dynamic, ever-evolving character so don’t be afraid to reflect that and have fun!

TIP #4: Highlight & Contour with Your Clothes

What makeup is to the face, clothes are to the body. Usually, whenever I am a little chubbier than usual (like right now) I contour my jawline and my cheeks with more gusto. The same principle can be applied to clothes. You can highlight, or bring attention to, areas of your body that you like the most, while you contour, sculpt, or draw attention away from, areas of your body that are still a work in progress. I’ll clarify by using myself as an example.

I’m very satisfied with my body . . . except where my stomach is concerned. I am a huge advocate for SkipTheDishes, DoorDash, Uber Eats, & Dominoes Pizza and my stomach reflects my guilty pleasures a little more than I’d like it to. While I am in the process of motivating myself to engage in physical activity and pick healthier choices on my favourite food apps, I disguise my “work-in-progress-FUPA” by strategically picking outfits that highlight and contour my body!

You will NEVER catch me in bottoms that aren’t high-waisted because they highlight my legs and snatch my waist! With high-waisted jeans, you’ll never catch me slipping LOL! Belts are also another strategic selection. Finally, I make use of blazers and loose tops if I want to be comfortable but look smart.

“What makeup is to the face, clothes are to the body.”

– Abigail Oguntimehin

TIP #5: Sprinkle Self-Confidence to Enhance Your Outfit

This last, but definitely not the least, tip is something that is near and dear to my heart. As I mentioned before, people can be like blood hounds when it comes to sniffing out your insecurities, instead of minding their own business.

. . . I digress. 

Learning to love myself and feel comfortable in my own skin has done wonders for my style and that’s big facts sis. Spend some time with yourself, look in the mirror and marvel at the amazing being staring right back at you. I used to make a “strut” playlist to listen to as I got ready for the day and walked around. I don’t need it as much anymore but I would definitely recommend it.

I hope I was able to provide you with some tips! Comment down below what your favourite tip was, or an additional tip that works for you.

xx Abby

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    I love this post! Such great tips ☺️

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