4 Beauty Hacks to use During Quarantine

Women are dynamic beings and we all have different beauty routines that we use to take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, this has become harder since COVID-19 brought society to its knees. This means, your favourite nail-tech, brow lady, aesthetician, and hairdresser are out of commission until further notice. Never fear however, because I have four cheap beauty hacks you can use to temporarily replace those special people in your life.

I am writing this blog post because in a time like this, where we are so unsure of the present and future situation, it’s the little things like a beauty routine, and a regular schedule, that we can find solace in, distract ourselves with, and restore a certain amount of normalcy. There are definitely more important things than wondering when your nail tech will be accepting clients again, but this is something I wanted to speak to because I have seen a lot of memes going around that suggest that this is on a few ladies’ minds.


If you knew that your last session with your nail-tech was going to be your last for a while, would you have changed your decisions about your nails? Regardless of what choices you’ve made with your nails, you’ve probably gotten to the stage where you need to take them off because there is no one to give you a fill. If you can’t live without your nails being done, why not try press-on nails?

This is something I had already been thinking about switching to before the pandemic hit. I love me some good quality press-on nails because they’re cheaper, reusable, have durability, they’re still customizable, and they take no time at all! The main reason I wanted to switch to press-on nails is because of the time it saves. You can make a little self-care time for yourself and pop on some new nails that will last and look just as good.

My favourite brand of press-on nails to use are by a brand called Nail Bae. I discovered this brand on Instagram and I fell in love with the talent and attention to detail. Every single design is made to order and you can choose the shape of nail. There are many options to choose from, but if you’re not satisfied with the options or have a specific design in mind, they can totally take care of that for you. It also helps that they’re always having sales! If you’re unsure of what size nails you are, you can order the sample set first before purchasing your first set. Checkout their Instagram page to see more of their designs!


Brows, in my opinion, have the power to make or break your face and makeup look. Whether you get your brows, threaded or waxed, we can all agree that their upkeep is essential even if you have microbladed brows. There are two ways to do this at home.

The first way is by using the Flawless Brows hair remover. This is amazing because for USD$20 you can have the gold standard in precision for removing hair. It’s super painless and instant, and the concept and experience is dope!

The second way, is by using a regular eyebrow razor that can be found at any local Walmart. This is a cheaper option that does require more effort and does have a little pain but as someone who can’t stand pain, it’s 100% better than getting your brows threaded.


For my bougie women who love their facials and are looking to do more than apply face masks at home, Flawless Beauty also has an exfoliating device that helps you to remove dead skin and peach fuzz in a professional way. The Dermaplane Glo delivers radiant skin and will safeguard you from any nicks and cuts because of its design. This blog post is not sponsored by Flawless beauty, I just adore their products, and philosophy of painless and professional beauty.


Contrary to the meme, you CAN do it by yourself! This hack is a very simple trick that costs you $0 dollars. If you’re missing your hairdresser, take it upon yourself to learn how to style your hair, weave, or wig at home by watching YouTube videos! YouTube and practice is how I became a self-taught makeup artist, style enthusiast and expert. I’m currently teaching myself how to take better care of my natural hair and lay that lace front like a pro. There is no downside to teaching yourself a new skill. You can come out of this quarantine with a skill that can be turned into another source income stream so go off sis!

Alright guys, those are my beauty hacks and tips for how to continue your beauty maintenance from the comfort of your own home! I hope I was able to help you out and give you some new ideas to try out. Comment down below and let me know which hack you will be trying or if you have any additional hacks to add. I can’t wait to read your thoughts!

  1. Ediri says:

    Loved reading this! Thanks Abigail?. I shall be trying out press on nails because I miss my nails looking pretty.

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