Adoniaa Beauty – Brush Set Review

Your makeup is only as good as the tools you use to apply it. The type and quality of the brushes you use for each stage of your makeup will determine the finished product. That’s why I’m collaborating with Adoniaa beauty to bring a brush set to your attention that has both the quality, and everything you need for a full face of makeup.

Adoniaa beauty is a black owned makeup brand and academy, based in Calgary, AB, that prides itself in quality over quantity when it comes to their artistry. With a wide range of carefully curated skincare, makeup, and artistry tools, this brand is determined to give you the absolute best whether you are a makeup artist, or an everyday woman.

The 11-piece Royal Golden Brush Set is a cruelty free, and environmentally friendly brush set made with high quality synthetic hair. My first impression of the brushes was that they were very soft to the touch. I later found that the brushes not only help you create beautiful makeup looks, but also immerse you in a luxurious and sensorial experience with their soft feel. Made with rose gold accents, the brush set is pleasing to the eye and a perfect piece to add to either your vanity or beauty room!

To view these brushes in action, checkout the IGTV video below, where I complete an everyday makeup look using only these beautiful brushes.

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My Thoughts on The Brush Set During Use

When it comes to my thoughts on the brush set while using it, the first thing I would like to highlight, is that the brushes handle both liquid and powder products incredibly well. I used less product at the end of the day because the brush easily picked up product. A piece of advice that comes with that, of course, is that a light hand is needed with these brushes. I would advise that you do not pick up as much product as you are used to, to begin with. Less is most definitely more with these brushes.

Another thing I loved about the brush set, is the ability to use the brushes for multiple things. There are no rules in makeup, and even though the brushes are labelled with their intended purpose, I used them for different things and they still did the job very well.

I loved versatility of the brushes because I am a picky person and I like to use specific types of brushes for specific things. For example, when it comes to setting my under eye area with powder, the brush I use must fit the criteria of being medium-sized, angled, and dense. The brush that best fit into that category was the angled contour brush. Even though it’s intended purpose is to aide in contouring, I used it to set my under eye and I loved the finished result!

The possibilities are endless with the Adoniaa Royal Golden Brush Set. This brush set passed my test on whether it is sufficient for an everyday makeup look and I would recommend it to everyone. Stay tuned on my Instagram as I will be sharing two more makeup looks, using just this brush set, that are more editorial and glamorous!

In the meantime, you can shop this brush set HERE. If you use the code “LADIESTAKENOTES15” you’ll receive a 15% discount on your purchase! If you tag me on Instagram to show me any looks you create with this brush set, I’ll be sure to share it in my stories!

For the sake of transparency, I would like to let you know that all links in this blog post are affiliate links. That means that I will make a small commission if you were to purchase the brush set via my link. You are under no obligation to do so.

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