Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Volume II Palette Review

Out of all the different steps needed to create a beat face, I love eyeshadow the best. Eyeshadow is arguably not necessary but it always adds a little extra “oomph” to whatever look you are going for. Since we in the LTN fam are always looking to add some “oomph” in our lives and elevate, mastering eyeshadow is definitely something to look into. Before you get to the skill needed for eyeshadow, however, the products you use need to be of great quality.

Today, I’ll be giving my thoughts on the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Volume II Palette, and discussing whether I think the quality is there. I want to make sure everyone is aware that the opinions expressed below are just that – opinions. They are a summary of my experience with the palette and I am fully aware that your experience might be different. Please use my blog article as a guideline, but always remain open to make your own decisions.


When I first saw this palette, I got giddy. Nowadays with so many eyeshadow palettes to pick from, it’s gotten harder and harder for me to feel giddy. The first thing that attracted me to the palette, were the bright colours! After a depressing winter, this is just what your girl needed in her life! From the yellow, to the hot pink, I immediately started thinking of all the looks I could do from spring all the way into the summer season!

Another thing that impressed me was that this was a palette that I could do editorial and, most importantly, natural everyday looks with. As much as I am a makeup enthusiast, I have found myself sticking to makeup looks that are flattering to my skin tone lately; natural, but elevated. Once in a while, I will flex the Makeup Artist arm just to remind myself that I still got it, but the nudes, sparkling golds, and peaches are what I was drawn to.


Beauty gurus sometimes stay away from swatches because they are not always an accurate representation of the quality of an eyeshadow colour and palette. In this case, I believe swatches are essential, especially for women of colour.

What I personally experienced with my palette, is that the colours don’t show up on my skin tone as they do on the pan. This is a common experience with women of colour, so my advice is to swatch colours first before applying them straight on the eyelid. Even if you do decide to skip the swatches, I recommend that you start with a light hand before packing the colour on.

When I swatches the colours, they felt super silky, smooth, and refined. Even the matte colours swatched evenly and were not patchy which is hard to come by. Knowing all of this definitely made me feel confident before I started using the palette


If you haven’t already, checkout my IGTV video where I talk you through my process of creating a beautiful, and simple, purple cut crease look. Don’t forget to give it a like, share with your friends, and hit that follow button since you’re already there!

The colours I used were an absolute dream to blend with and I didn’t experience any issues with how the colours applied. My favourite colour from this look was “Crazy”. I used it to darken my crease and create depth. Usually dark colours are feared and a light hand is used to start off with so you don’t get it everywhere. This deep plum shade, however, was an absolute dream to blend. It blended in like butter and was the least of my worries much to my surprise!

When it came to “Drama Queen” the sparkly colour I popped on top of the concealer, I found that it felt like more of a topper eyeshadow. The pigment was absolutely there, but the duo chrome nature of the shadow either came out a sparkly purple, or it reflected the colour of the concealer. I thought that was really cool because there is future room for more creativity if you change your concealer or base colour!

All in all, I am very happy with this eyeshadow palette and I will definitely be creating more looks with it! Stay tuned on my Instagram (@ladiestakenotes) for a yellow look I’ll be creating with this palette and so much more! Comment down below if you’ve gotten the Jaclyn Hill palette already, and what your thoughts are on it. I can’t wait to read your thoughts!

xx Abby

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